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Motorsport Insurance Winners

Motorsport Insurance Winners, KW Motorsports

Apart from the worst of English weather in British summer time, the Motorsport Race and Rally Insurance Service backed March Sports 2000 went on to win on it's maiden race at this weekends Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch.

"It was a dream come true" remarked Justin Everitt, "Scott Racing had custody of this new car for the weekend that was on loan from Kieron Salter the mastermind behind the design of this great car. The team had just a handful of days to prep the car for testing on Friday which was the first time the "new" March had run. Matt Manderson (the other driver) did most of the set u work on Friday and equally did a fantastic job on Saturday qualifying and putting the car on the front row of the grid. I did the start and the first stint and we effectively led the race by the end of the first lap to the chequered flag, leading by a whole lap"

The 50 minute race took part on the famous Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit which suited the new March chassis very well with it's tremendous grip in the high speed corners and direct confident inspiring handling over the circuits undulating 2.4 mile course. The dominant win marks a significant step forward with the March chassis which is anticipated to be out racing again at the Brands Hatch Festival meeting in October. The day was also about a driver survey we were undertaking amongst drivers of the day racing across a range of championships. Two of our charming MORIS Girls covered the paddock during the rain soaked meeting to ask a handful of questions about drivers perception of the dangers of their motorsport. For a few moments of a competitors time each one will receive a 10% cash back on their next purchase with (before 01st March 2014), but the answers that were provided were of enormous interest since this helps with improving our understanding of competitors needs. "This is not the first survey we have undertaken since in 2010 we undertook a crash damage survey to assist our On Track Insurers gauge a better understanding of the risks of club level motorsport. This was a more targeted survey where we were not working with the circuit and organiser but asking questions directly to competitors. We asked about their perception of the risks of motorsport and whether or not they carried insurance. The results of this we will be making know later in the year, but we were very interested in the feedback we received."

Commented Everitt who added:
"Even though we are the ONLY on-line motorsport insurance provider in the UK we work very hard to continually demonstrate initiative. Often when something like this is done it can be surprising what the results are. Certainly the feedback we have received has illustrated where we can improve our range of products further - especially with regards to personal accident and loss of income insurance. We are confident we have one of the most accessible and affordable MSA licence holder insurance on the market, but with the benefit of feedback we have received so far then we have a few new ideas how to reach out to competitors even more in 2014."